Arcane Magic

Arcane magic was all but lost after The Reversal only a few tomes were available for study. This made the already rare gift of magical capability even more rare by lack of study and lack of importance placed on magic in a struggling world. Most wizards never make it beyond Cantrips. Most individuals working on expanding the magical knowledge believe that there have to be more tomes lost in the fog. Finding these tomes is their main goal but most are not runners and thus it is rare that more tomes are discovered.

With The New Dawn came far more books and spells have been discovered. With 100 yeas of non-stop focus people have learned to unlock up to 6th circle spells; though they understand 7th level spells no one seems to have the potential to cast them.

Only those who have the spark of magic inside of them can channel arcane spells and even then, not without practice. Arcane Magic is study, learning spells takes time, takes patience, takes dedication. Learning the arcane arts is like learning a new language combined with it’s own unique math. You have to understand both the syntax and the reason why everything adds up to things being on fire. Some take years to master even 1st circle incantations. Others find themselves naturally apt at the process, they feel it’s so natural that they read the spell in the book and can almost feel the power in the words inside of them as they read.

When you cast a spell it’s technically not required to speak or move, but only those that have practiced for months to years have ever been able to master casting spells with just their will alone, most people need a gesture or a cast word to aid in the focusing of the power. All books on magic will describe these spell components that channel the users will through their voice and body. The casting though is like working a muscle, after prolonged use it will leave you exhausted but constant use will increase your bodies ability to pull the power around you without tiring the mage. The weight example works well as trying to cast a spell that channels a level of power your body can’t handle tends to have the same result as trying to lift something far beyond your capacity, failure and possibly injury. But the more you work at it the more your body and mind are toned and built up allowing mages to cast more powerful spells. Spells have been sorted into circles for reference and to identify which spells are safe to cast for mages at certain points in their training.

Most people enjoy the idea of arcane magic, after all several mages use their magic to make peoples lives easier. However there are of course people who fear magic, or are jealous of those who can use it. On the whole the majority of people are cautiously accepting of magic and the ease it brings to their lives.

Arcane Magic

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