Boredertown: the cities of Lonagar, and Fort Roland, these cities are the cities that sit close to the edge of the mist. Burnell used to be a border town until the New Dawn when the mist was cleared near Burnell.

Mistborn: Creatures that have adapted to live within the fog.

The Reversal: A major calamity that people called The Reversal occuring 340 some years ago destroying most of Homeland and covering it with a deep mist called The Fog. The details of the Reversal have all but been forgotten.

Running: Previously a secondary role for some, when the world still required strict adherence to a code of work and discipline. During the times when the mist had rolled back these people explored the areas usually hidden in the mist looking for objects of value. Now however this is done by treasure hunters and adventures hoping to be the next “Heroes of Dawn”

The New Dawn: The main term used to describe the unveiling of the new world

Heroes of Dawn: This small group managed to both uncover the new world and ensure its survival. They both discovered the gem that revealed the new world from behind the mist, they also helped colonize the new land and protect it in its early days. They kept political revolt from shaking the city and prevented disease from wiping clean the living from the world.


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