The Mistchasers: This group is an organization of people that create and send out groups of runners that are trained for running in a group almost as much as most people train for their primary rolls.

The People’s voice: An old revolutionary group that tried to halt a Monarchy in favor of a Democracy.

The Arcane Inquisition: Magi recruited to keep a watchful eye on the growing Mages’ guild and curtail any excess in power or laxness in safety precautions. They have started to ignore any regulation or rule themselves and operate as they see fit, policing the magi but also confiscating magical goods from citizens, killing people that stand in their way, and abducting their targets without any legal proceedings.

Marauder Company: A well known mercenary group, often employed as guards for nobles when in tight times.

Silent Judgement: Only rumors surround this group, assassins, spies, myth? no one knows for sure.

The Granville Armed Forces: The military of the kingdom of Granville.


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