All races from the Fantasy Craft book are available except for Drakes.

Dwarves: Dwarves with their iron constitution and sure footedness are often found in New Kinsmount as fishermen where the extra protection on the boats makes it less likely that they will fall into the water. In other places they are blacksmiths, miners or Lumberjacks, their resilience allowing them to continue long after others have grown tired.

Elves: your speed and agile nature combine with extraordinary sense makes you an ideal scout. the long life you’ve lived means that some of you heard the tales of The Reversal from your Grandparents or even your parents rather through tales and songs. Your Wisdom and longevity means that you often know more about your job then anyone else, as you’ve been doing it for more then twice as long. Likely you’re the foreman or the Captain of your craft.

Giants: Giants tend to be builders, being able to lift large logs or other materials because of their great size. Your stability and strength means that you work well on a fishing boat usually lending your size to the squatter Dwarves. Giants also find easy work in the guard or as a labourer.

Goblins: Adept and at home in underground layers goblins make the up the backbone of the mining operations. despite their small stature they have a surprising strength and tenacity. Above ground their small size coupled with their strength means that they work well with builders on the smaller details or hard to reach places. Their ability to getting into and out of tight spots if there is an issue means goblins often having secondary rolls as fire fighters or disaster relief.

Humans: Because of their diverse nature they can be found in all different aspects of the community and because of their prevalence they are often the majority of the community. Their diversity is their strength but their lack of focus means that they aren’t as capable at certain tasks as the more specialized races.

Ogres: Ogres are rarely found outside of the guard. When they are they are employed as labourers on farms or for builders. Their aggressive nature paired with their lower intelligence makes it hard for them to do many other tasks unsupervised and usually make them unpopular among the other workers.

Orcs: Your aggressive nature means that you have a hard time with the calm life of farming or building, you prefer to be part of the guard, or at least swinging an axe. Because of your nature you find yourself in rolls as a guard, a lumberjack, or in the mines. Your aversion to bright lights means you are often relied upon to be work the night shift for any job you take above ground.

Pechs: Pechs are most often the traders of the world, carrying the goods of each town to another. Your frequently too cheery disposition and love of company makes you great at dealing with the different people of each town. The thinkers of your race are the ones working to reestablish magical bonds and some can even cast spells. Those that do not enjoy the simple life style of trading or the mind boggling work of unraveling the threads of magic tend to make cunning scouts and are most often runners exploring the old world at every opportunity.

Rootwalkers: Your large durable nature suites you very well for the front lines, however Rootwalkers tend to prefer rolls in farming, and their presence in foresting is felt as they try to preserve the forests to provide longer lasting solutions instead of cutting everything down for the immediate benefit. Some dislike your slow tactics but without Rootwalkers there would be no trees left outside the fog.

Saurian: Saurians are found in many habitats seeming to have adapted to their environment in each case, those that live in the fishing villages of New Kinsmount and Greenfall tend to be excellent swimmers and make for great fishermen, while those out in Burnell have become excellent at climbing the tall trees and blending into their surroundings. Their great agility and eyes that pierce through the darkness makes them good for both guard duty or maneuvering the tight, dark quarters of the mines.

Unborn: Found out in the fog, many Unborn have now become an important part of the community, their tirelessness makes them valuable. Either as the late night lookout, or the tireless farm hand. Each one appears to have been designed with a purpose and for that they are highly specialized individuals. they are most often found in boredertowns, as soldiers, smiths or lumberjacks.


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