After The New Dawn a Dwarf, Leon Ghram, stepped forward claiming divine right to rule the new Kingdom of Granville. His rule was questioned at first and there were revolutionaries, but with the help of The Great Heroes of Dawn his place of rule was assured. His line has sat on the throne for 100 years now, a prosperous reign. He seems however to favor members of his own Race placing Dwarfs into important positions and making nobles of them. These actions have created a Dwarven ruling class and some discontent amongst the people.

Noble families
The Divine house of King Ghram
The house of the king, The palace resides in the southeast of town, converting the old park area into his large back yard and garden area. King Leon Ghram III is known for his selfish attitude and greed. He is not well liked by the people, but they remember his father who helped with the expansion of new towns and the wall project that was started to block off the mist. This has, for now, kept people from taking any more action than grumbling about him.
Family: King Leon Ghram III, Queen Idona Ghram, Prince Leon Ghram IV, Prince Galinn

The Dwarven house of Steelskin
The Steelskin family were distant relatives of the Ironmaul family who took advantage of their relation to gain a noble standing. They are politically minded and seek to advance their own power within the world.
Family: Marquis Hild, Head of the house;

The Dwarven house of Gravedust
The Gravedust family are high standing priests of Theodus, praising the the earth that they walk upon. The Gravedust family has been friends with the Ghram family from the days before the New Dawn.
Family: Marquis Ivar, Head of the house;

The Dwarven house of Stonewill
The Stonewill family was the first family to be made noble when they pledged their support to the rule of King Leon the I shortly after he revealed that he was to be king. The have made very strong political ties and are known for shaping policy and proposing new laws.
Family: Archduke Tor, Head of the house;

The Dwarven house of Dannilson

Family: Viscount Tarn, Head of the house;

The Dwarven house of Skullbreaker

Family: Margrave Lina, Head of the house

The Dwarven house of Ashwalker
The Ashwalkers are stern but kind, they believe that the Dwarves have a responsibility to the other races if they are to lead them. They were made noble when they helped King Ghram II clear the land near Fort Ashford and lent their aid in the building and defending of the wall. The Ashwalker family was granted a small amount of power but through smart political moves and a lot of public support they grew to be one of the largest houses.
Family: Duke Sigurd, Head of the house; Aldís, Lady of the house; Svend, Brother of Sigurd; Sunnan, Brother of Aldís; Ilanna, First Daughter Heir of the house; Rakel, Second Daughter; Bjorn, Married into the family with Rakel.

The Dwarven house of Rocamson

Family: Lord Dalengar, Head of the house;

The Human house of Roland
One of the few families that can trace their lineage back to before the reversal. The city of Fort Roland is actually named for their forefathers. These people are tacticians and captains, maintaining a strict military tradition in their family; they do, after all, come from a border town.
Family: Viscount Fax

The Human house of Crawford
Made nobility by Leon II, this family funded, supplied, and directly contributed to building and rebuilding cities after the New Dawn. Wealthy and well connected this family is not of high power but wields what they do have to establish and build within the community
Family: Count Sandril, head of the house; Amelia, Lady of the house; Kevin, Sandrils brother spymaster; James, first born son (dead); Garth, second born son, heir to the throne; Madeline, first daughter to Sandril; Carmen, Married into the family with James.

The Elven house of Il’ithain
Margrave Aeneth was a great craftsman, her work is nearly unparalleled, she created large amounts of the art in the Kings house, she is also known for the art that she created for several churches in Whitmoor. Because she wasn’t instrumental in the founding of the new kingdom and is not a dwarf, she is often chided as being the Elven “affirmative action” noble. Because of her weak social position and the loss of her husband she works hard to maintain any friendships she can form.
Family: Margrave Aeneth, head of the house; Findus (deceased) Aeneth’s Husband Lord of the house; Myrael, First Daughter of the house; Nerendel, wife to Myrael; Runin’dal, First son and heir to the house.

The Giantish house of Kell
The Kell Family is descendant from the Giant Drathgar, one of the first mages. Still strongly tied to the mages guild the family was made noble in an effort to tie royalty to the mages guild and keep mages under the thumb of the ruling class. While they keep out of the political scene for the most part their divination magic makes them a valuable political resource.
Family: Lord Dravnith, Head of the house; Raelia, First lady of the house; Ranhild, Raelia’s sister; Emla, First Daughter of Dravnith; Raelen, Second Daughter of the Dravnith.

The Pech house of Tannin

Family: Count Liam,

The Rootwalker house of Longbranch
Leafmane, known to some as The Lorax, was a rootwalker that felt like rootwalkers were underrepresented and marginalized because they were not around the local population often enough. He is one of the only creatures ever known to make demands of the king, he told the king that he would make him a baron of Longbranch forest. People were surprised when the king agreed without any argument. Now the Lorax comes to the city for court to speak on behalf of the trees.
Family: Baron Leafmane “Lorax”, Head of the house; Quicksap, First Sapling of Leafmane; Firmbark, Second Sapling of leafmane; Ironroot, Third Sapling of Leafmane.

The Saurian house of Xylklatch
With a faint yellow tint to their scales and webbing on their arms this family is one of the only remaining clutches of gliding Saurians, carefully choosing her mates to maintain the gene. Some of the best offspring can actually fly for short periods of time. Her exceptional qualities made her extremely useful when trying to find land for towns and farming, her constant assistance and vigil probably saved dozens of families from being homeless after large families started to crop up, for that she was given land and title.
Family: Viscountess Ves’lesssiv, Lady of the house, Xyss’reshsiv, First Clutch; Ssyssmassiv, First Clutch; Narlyssiv, First Clutch; Tlakkesh, First Clutchh; Tetchkesh, First Clutch; Hysskesh, First Clutch;; Xerlyssiv, second clutch; Narozmyss, second clutch; Hythimyss, second clutch; Ranizenamyss, second clutch; Leximyss, second clutch; Rennasinnasiv, second clutch


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