The Cities

Haven: Capital of the Kingdom of Granville. The now rebuilt is a bustling center of commerce and political activity. The Kings palace as well as a large auditorium for meetings of the nobles are both found here. With the majority of trade coming through this town this is the best town to be in if you’re a merchant.

Burnell: Once a boredertown, Closest city to The Fog, it’s now a minor foresting town, a sad fate for the town that was responsible for the original expedition that caused the New Dawn. Now they act more as a stop on the road to Haven.

North Battleford: A town that trains blacksmiths and holds the only known iron mine in the Kingdome. They have several guards and soldiers still even though they’re not needed anymore they maintain the force as a precaution. With a large amount of miners, blacksmiths, and guards this city is almost a military state.

Greenfall: This northern fishing village was once a major port city and trading hub, it was the source of the vast majority of survivors of the reversal. It is the source of most of the meat that the northen cities eat, it also produces a large quantity of crossbows to deal with mistborn that come from the water. With no more issues with mistborn from the west they’ve expanded their farming operations as well.

Cannith: Probably the city least changed by The New Dawn, this town is still a quiet farming town. With all the space and people working farms this city is still the number one food contributer in all of Granville.

Lonagar: The boredertown that is furthest from the mist, the city spreads it’s guard to try to cover as much of the distance between it and it’s neighboring boredertown, making it responsible for the most area defended but also meaning that their guard is spread thin.

Hurden: Another major farming town, this one is still close to the mist though. close to two boredertowns with a decent distance from the mist. This town isn’t quite as protected as Cannith but cannot afford to spare many farmers for the defense of the city, as such they attempt to arm their city guard as well as possible to maximise their efficiancy without increasing their numbers.

New Kinsmount: The southren fishing village, being less protected then Greenfall, has more reinforced, sturdy, ships with a smaller crew. The ships are designed to withstand most any attack from creatures in the water, so that the skeleton crew is more protected while fishing. Most of the population focuses on the split tasks of supporting the fishermen and defending the town from any mistborn that come from the south.

Fort Roland: Though it is not as close the the fog as Burnell was this city is now the closest city to the mist and sees disproportionate trouble due to the number of mistborn that nest in the old ruins to the southeast. with the most soldiers of any city they maintain a constant watch on the fog at the ruins, watching carefully for any early signs that it may roll back and another attack will be coming shortly.

Whitmoor: with two nearby forests and a direct road to the capital this city, Whitmoor has become the primary foresting town, also with a lot of wood and stone from the mountains to the north this city has built a number of large churches, making it the unofficial religious center of the Kingdom.

Lochhollow: Built next to Loch Asta, named for Queen Asta wife of Leon I, this was one of the first towns constructed using old frameworks left from before the reversal, chosen for it’s abundant fresh water and the protection that granted from creatures from the mist. Populated by fishermen and farmers mostly, this city has become a very large city due to it’s resources.

Fort Ashford: A city constructed to keep watch on the mist to the south of Haven, rebuilt from a city that appears to have mostly been burned down at some point in the past. Guarded from the Mist by a large wall that was started by Leon II, though it was never finished it is still an asset in defense.

The Cities

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