The Pantheon

Major Gods

Akilos, The Warden: God of Healing and Medicine, Death and Poison
The Warden holds all life in his hand, some he chooses to set free from their cage.
Paths: Life, Death, Protection, and curses
Weapon: Axe
Skills: Blend, Crafting, Sneak, Survival
Avatars: Guardian Reaper, Guardian Healer
Opposed: Durona, Maritae, and Asina

Theodus, The Chain Breaker: God of the Sky and Earth
The his resolve like rock is steady and unmoving, the his fury shifts like the sky between calm and death at a moments notice. The Chain Breaker holds none and frees all from their shackles.
Paths: Air, Earth, Wilderness and Light
Weapon: Javelins
Skills: Acrobatics, Crafting, Ride, Survival
Avatars: Air Elemental V, Earth Elemental V
Opposed: Ceres, Seph, and Ramar

Ramar, Master of Change: God of luck and misfortune, Ferocity and calm
The Master of change makes sure no one ever stays too comfortable for too long.
Paths: Fortune, Curses, Beasts, and spirits
Weapon: Razor Sword
Skills: Acrobatics, Haggle, Prestidigitation, Sneak
Avatars: Arctos, Collaris
Opposed: Remir, Theodus, and Emae

Remir, The City Keeper: God of civilization and ruin
Brick by brick cities are built on a foundation of the peoples prayers to the City Keeper to keep them safe.
Paths: Metal, Destruction, chaos and Order
Weapon: Musket
Skills: Crafting, Disguise, Investigate, Tactics
Avatars: Iron Golem, Chaos Beast
Opposed: Ramar, Durona, and Emea

Seph, The Star Child: God of the Darkness and light, moon and sun
Seph’s light brings life to the land, his night brings calm and rest for all that reside in it.
Paths: Darkness, Light, fire, and beauty
Weapon: Shod Staff
Skills: Sneak, Blend, Search, Investigate
Avatars: Darkness Elemental, Light Elemental
Opposed: Theodus, Ceres, and Remir

Maritae, The Monarch: Goddess of Strength and Weakness
The Monarch reminds us all that real strength can come from any source, even cowardice and lies.
Paths: Strength, Curses, Metal, Secrets
Weapon: Maul
Skills: Athletics, Disguise, Ride, Sneak
Avatars: Omen of Strength, Decrepit One
Opposed: Akilos, Emae, Asina

Durona The Ferocious Guardian: Goddess of Warfare and Peace
Only those that have fought their own battles can know the Guardians serenity.
Paths: War, Life, Beauty, and Destruction
Skills: Athletics, Tactics, Survival, search
Weapon: Short Sword
Avatars: Engine of War, Bringer of Peace
Opposed: Akilos, Maritae, Asina

Emae, The World Scribe: Goddess of Knowledge and ignorance, deceit and honesty
All the worlds history is written in her pages, she shares that knowledge only with those deemed worthy.
Paths: Knowledge, Deceit, Secrets, and magic
Skills: Investigate, Bluff, Disguise, Search
Weapon: Light Crossbow
Avatars: Insight Angel, Keeper of Secrets
Opposed: Remir, Seph, Ceres

Asina, the Seamstress: Goddess of Valor and Cowardice
We all have the seamstress’ courage sewn into our soul, but fear gnaws at the seams.
Paths: Heroism, Protection, Travel, Deceit
Weapon: Metal Shield
Skills: Sneak, Athletics, Prestidigitation, and Tactics
Avatars: Angel of Valor, Scion of Terror
Opposed: Akilos, Maritae, Durona

Ceres, The Worlds Smith: Goddess of Fire and Water
From her divine anvil rivers flow and fire sparks, The Worlds Smith makes us who we are in her elemental forge.
Paths: Fire, Water, Magic and Spirits
Weapon: Military Pistol
Skills: Athletics, Crafting, Survival, Ride
Avatars: Fire Elemental V, Water Elemental V
Opposed: Theodus, Seph, and Ramar

Minor Gods

Frena, The Lamenting Oxen: Goddess of Work and Relaxation
The great Ox is ever working the land of the afterlife or resting in her fields; always feeling that she should be doing the other.

Henopess, : Goddess of Wealth and Want

Chemel, The Porcelain Slug: Goddess of Beauty and Revulsion.
Her ornate skin seems to be perfectly, painstakingly moulded into the form of a great slug, when she moves she leaves slime and lilacs in her path

Mandis, The Grasping Lady: Goddess of Help and Burden
Half of her hundred arms are used to hinder, the others to aid, the grasping lady always has the power to lend a hand.

Napetres, Wolf of the World: Goddess of Beast and Man
Appearing to some as a massive 10’ wolf and others as a woman of power and poise she is never to be underestimate.

Idomus, The Tireless Nomad: Goddess of Travel and Home
Ever wandering the land, at home where ever she stops; The tireless nomad never stays for long and never feels out of place.

Etrea, The Longing Maid: Goddess of Past and Future
Always looking to a time to come or long gone by, the longing maid never judges you by the actions of today.

Vameny, The Lady of Spider: Goddess of Torment and Comfort
Thousands of spiders create the form of Vameny, Lady of the underworld her bites can cause agony or numbness to the pain.

Beaitrynn, The Biting Wind: Goddess of Storm and Silence
A being of air, she flows across the world changing the weather in her wake.

Proditione, The Watchful One: Goddess of Loyalty and Betrayal.
With a thousand eyes watching all directions at once she is ever vigilant for her followers and for two faced friends.

Ceroth, : God of Purification and Corruption

Penett, The Broken Bird: God of Love and Loss
A sad sight the broken bird is, reminding us always that love, a thing of beauty, is also delicate and easily damaged.

Linum, The Starved Provider: God of Abundance and Famine
No crop yield could satiate the starved provider. he offers much, but can withhold more.

Gristom, The Canny Child: God of Sense and Folly
His childlike eyes understand the world around them, but sometimes he doesn’t know all he thinks he does

Kiph, : God of Health and Blight

Jormuck, : God of Song and Sadness

Jitem, : God of Justice and Reward

Tamell, The Crumbling Monument: God of Order and Entropy
The great stone son of Remir and Asina he oversees the laws of the land and the decay of it’s structure.

Oerick, The Sword of Mercy: God of Vengeance and Pardon
Always cast in concealing shadows, only his taloned hand can be seen wielding a double edged blade.

Sendriss, The Whispering Serpent: God of Counsel and Neglect
His coils wrap around the world whispering wisdom and ambition in your ear or leaving you in your apathy.

The Pantheon

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